Can you believe she’s 15??!

Cowabunga Bay

Birthday girl

What a fun, fun day…

~ tlc


Does anyone know where Jordan gets the genetic propensity for Angelina Jolie lips??! Women pay lots of money to get the full lips that Jordan comes by naturally. We are thinking it is a Christensen trait somewhere, but we’re not sure. We’d love any input!

Here is her “cute” pose:

~ tlc


The care center is letting me grow my hair out. I have to promise not to chew on it.

Like most girls my age, I love to have my hair done. I think I get that from my mom.

Yep, definitely get that from my mom.

It snowed and snowed on Christmas day.  Fortunately my dad was able to pick me up so I could spend some time at home.  Good thing, since my dad makes yummy cinnamon rolls every Christmas.  I ate two.  Then I played with my brothers for awhile.  I got some nice clothes, stuffed animals and some new bows for my hair.  In case you have not noticed, I cannot go anywhere without a bow in my hair.

Christmas at Home

Christmas at Home

Finally I climbed up in my Dad’s lap for a nap.

Napping with Dad

Napping with Dad

As much as I like Christmas, to be honest, I would rather be in school.  I’m funny that way.

I’m a lady bug.


I love Halloween.  I love handing out candy to the kids as they come to my door.  I also love going around my neighborhood collecting candy.  Some people don’t hand out candy.  They hand out stuff like pencils and toothbrushes.  I tend to give them a funny look and just stand there until they get the candy.  (Some people don’t understand Halloween very well)


It was fun to walk around my home neighborhood.  I saw some people I have not seen in awhile.  They would sometimes want to give me a hug but that tends to crumple my lady bug wings so I usually would not let them.


I hope you all had a fun Halloween.  I did.

One of my favorite activities is to go shopping with Mom. Sometimes she gives me a haircut as well—moms are like that. The only requirement I have is that it is long enough to put in a pony tail.

Jordan Haircut

I like when my brother Jackson comes shopping with us. He has been my best friend my whole life and probably understands me better then anyone else.

Shopping with Jackson
I have always shared a shopping cart with him. Sadly, it appears I am getting too big for that.

I had a birthday on the 19th. I turned 11 years old.

Birthdays are not really a big deal to me other then I get lots of cake and balloons and flowers. I love flowers.

My Mom came and picked me up and we went shopping for my birthday. Sometimes when there are a lot of people I have a hard time. When it is just my Mom then I can manage a little better. Mom bought me a cake and some treats to take to my friends where I live. She also bought me some flowers. You can see them here. I love flowers.

Mom also bought me some new shoes and some dresses to wear. I am getting to be a pretty big girl and I go through a lot of cloths. Mom bought me some dresses with flowers on them. I love flowers.

I don’t really like shopping for shoes. I get bored. Sometimes I scream when I am bored. If you know me then you will know that I am just bored. If you don’t know me then you may think I am a bit different. That would be ok because I am a bit different. But I do love flowers. That isn’t too weird is it?

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